Meet Eirini Tornesaki – Kurios Vocalist

Traveling with a touring show, is a very exciting job!

My name is Eirini Tornesaki. I’m the vocalist of the show Kurios, by Cirque du Soleil. And also, a Berklee online student.

My character in Kurios, is called Chanteuse du la rue, which means street singer. I wear a gramophone on my head, and I’m the only singer in Kurios. During my performance with Kurios, I felt like I wanted to start writing my own songs. So I went on Berklee Online, and looked at all the courses. And I thought, oh my God, I don’t even know what to choose. I started Commercial Songwriting Techniques. I really liked it and I wanted to continue. Right now, I’m studying for the Specialist Songwriting Certificate and I’m currently on the Songwriting Melodies course.

And what I love about singing for Cirque, is actually the amount of shows. You spend all of your time performing, which is a dream. We move from city to city every two months. Studying with Berklee Online, while on tour, I think it’s a fantastic way to keep learning and evolving because when you’re touring and changing location, it could be difficult to have a teacher that is always there. Or, it’s a community of musicians that you could exchange knowledge with. So having that on an online platform, I think it’s amazing. Studying songwriting inspires me and motivates me every day. It just keeps me focused on that goal of learning how to write my own songs.