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  • Issue #194: MAR 2020

    Issue #194: MAR 2020

    Issue: R.U.N is Done - check out what the press has to say about the closure; Coronavirus is a hot topic, see what tours have been affected, and more!

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  • Issue #193: FEB 2020

    Issue #193: FEB 2020

    This Month: Cirque 2020 is "Under the Same Sky", Is Amaluna Closing? "Big Top Academy" on HULU, and more!

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  • Issue #192: JAN 2020

    Issue #192: JAN 2020

    This Month: We continue our coverage of R.U.N with texts from the Press Kit and a fantastic fan review!

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  • Issue #191: DEC 2019

    Issue #191: DEC 2019

    This Month: Berlin 2020 is "NYSA", Disney 2020 is "Drawn to Life", KÀ gets a new act, Hommage #6 is a tribute to Quebec Divas, and more!

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  • Issue #190: NOV 2019

    Issue #190: NOV 2019

    This Month: R.U.N in Previews, Berlin 2020 Resident Show Announced!, 2 New Cirque at Sea Shows, Cast & Crew Announced for "'Twas The Night...", and more!

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  • Issue #189: OCT 2019

    Issue #189: OCT 2019

    This Month: Messi10 Premieres! Big Top Show for 2020 Announced! Robot Dogs Coming to Cirque? JOYA adds new acts, foods for sixth season, and more!

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  • Issue #188: SEP 2019

    Issue #188: SEP 2019

    This Month: WDW 2020 Show Discussed at D23, Luzia Coming to a Theater Near You, an Update on "The Parks" and more!

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  • Issue #187: AUG 2019

    Issue #187: AUG 2019

    This Month: Alegria Soundtrack due August 16th! X: The Land of Fantasy Premieres! AXEL Introduces himself. R.U.N. Featured at SDCC, and more!

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  • Issue #186: JUL 2019

    Issue #186: JUL 2019

    This Month: The Calm Before the Storm... is Cirque going to IPO? Eric Grilly appointed Executive Head of Studio Alliances, we get our first peeks at R.U.N. and more!

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  • Issue #185: JUN 2019

    Issue #185: JUN 2019

    This Month: Cirque announces AXEL, BOCCA (for Monaco), and its partnership with Dan Lin’s Rideback for Cirque-Inspired Movies, and more!

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  • Issue #184: MAY 2019

    Issue #184: MAY 2019

    This Month: It's all about Alegria: In a New Light!

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  • Issue #183: APR 2019

    Issue #183: APR 2019

    This Month: Alegría holds its press conference! Cirque/MGM Staff Get Shuffled Around. Pollstar 2018 Numbers are In, LUZIA Heads to London, and more!

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  • Issue #182: MAR 2019

    Issue #182: MAR 2019

    This Month: ONOD to broadcast on CBS, Kurios heads Down Under, fallout from "Finding Neverland" documentary hits MJ ONE, More on the new Alegria, and more!

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  • Issue #181: FEB 2019

    Issue #181: FEB 2019

    This Month: More on Alegría: In a New Light, #CirqueMessi is Messi10, Cirque buys "The Works Entertainment", X: The Land of Fantasy debuts on August 10th, and more!

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  • Issue #180: JAN 2019

    Issue #180: JAN 2019

    This Month: DIVA makes way for REBEL in Andorra, Mystère has a new VIP Experience, new Alegría songs released, and BAZZAR makes it's debut, and more!

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