TOTEM Officially Debuting 2 New Acts!

According to TOTEM’s Facebook page, they are officially premiering their two new acts in rotation – Contortion & Escalade – with Singapore media and 1,000 local Cirque Club members! Thank you to DHL for the support in the creation of these two new scenes!


Two industrious creatures emerge from the sea, to play, crawl, twist and build complex pyramids on the seashore. Their incredible figures seem to defy both gravity and physics. Be prepared to be awed by the flexibility and agility of these two artists – Ulziibuyan Mergen and Oyun-Erdene Senge.




The businessman is stripped bare and flung into the heart of the jungle where his inner struggle is put to test. Atop a tree-like structure inspired by the acrobatic discipline of Chinese pole, man and primate circle and climb in a battle for dominance. Gael Ouisse shared that it was with more than 8-months of intense training to master the act as it combines multiple skills such as parkour, pole and acrobatics.