Anniversary Concert Filmed – to Air in Quebec on ICI Radio-Canada TV!

1213 Cirque 30th

NOTE: This article was translated to English from French via Google Translate.

As part of its 30th anniversary, Cirque du Soleil has great unique musical event. Captured the heart of the splendor of St. John the Baptist Church of Montreal with exceptional acoustics, CIRQUE DU SOLEIL – GRAND CONCERT celebrating 30 years of music of Cirque du Soleil will be broadcast on CBC TV ICI, Saturday, January 3 next 20 h to 21 h 30. [ED: That’s 8:00p to 9:30p]

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL – GRAND CONCERT together 8 soloists accompanied by 28 musicians led by Frédéric Chiasson and Claude Chaput leaders and a choir of 70 choristers. For this first collaboration between Cirque du Soleil and Gregory Charles, it was the artistic director of choirs. The audience will hear Paul Bisson, Audrey Brisson-Jutras, Dominic Dagenais, Estelle Esse, Mathieu Lavoie, Anna Liani, Francine Poitras and Roxanne Potvin interpret some of the pieces that marked the music of the past 30 years shows of Cirque du Soleil .

Conducted by Mario Rouleau and produced by Luc Chatelain for Echo Media, this musical odyssey 90 minutes presented on television takes us through the emotion and poetry of the music of the 35 shows that Cirque du Soleil has created since 1984.

In 30 years, nearly twenty composers wrote and arranged the music of Cirque du Soleil. Sometimes drawing inspiration from world music, sometimes from the world of rock or contemporary music, punctuated each in its own way one or other of the 35 productions. These people are: Kevin Antunes, Raphaël Beau, Bob & Bill, Maria Bonzanigo, Simon Carpentier, Berna, Francis Collard, Violaine Corradi, Jean-François Côté, René Dupéré, Danny Elfman, Benoit Jutras, Philippe Leduc, Nick Littlemore, Giles Martin, Sir George Martin, Rudi Mauser, and Eric Serra Erich Van Tourneau.

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