CirqueTech – “Zumanity SoundScape”

Concluding our look at the sound equipment at the Vegas shows, Live Design Online ran an article taking a peek at Cirque’s Peep Show: Zumanity. Within were a list of the equipment needed to bring the music to life, which I would like to share. You can find the original article here: < >

  • 6 Meyer Sound CQ1
  • 2 Meyer Sound CQ2
  • 4 Turbosound 21″ Subwuffer
  • 1 DBX Sub-Harmonic Synthesizer
  • A Variable Room Acoustics System (VRAS) from Level Control Systems (LCS) makes the venue adjustable down to an acoustic piano.
  • There are also a variety of 29 microphones placed around the room, primarily from Sennheiser and Shure.
  • 60 Nexo PS-8 loudspeakers (powered by QSC amplifiers) are placed around the walls and on balcony fronts to provide surround sound and delay.
  • Additional PS-8 boxes add extra high-end for the rear of the balcony 14 more are built into the edge of the stage.
  • The audio control system features the new LCS Cue-Console II with new Cue-Station multi-platform software. The musicians wear Shure PSM700 in-ear monitors with belt packs.
  • Processing equipment by TC Electronics includes Fireworx, Vocalworx, an M2000S effects processor, and an M4000 processor for streamlined reverb.
  • There is also a backup signal system by Sierra Automation, which allows control of the show in real time in case of a glitch to the main system.
  • A Yamaha console then runs the show on a basic left/right mix. You go from a 497-channel mix to a two-channel mix, but it saves the show.

{SOURCE: Live Design}