DidyaKnow? – “Test Your Knowledge on QuiZumanity”

In celebration of Zumanity’s 2000th performance on Saturday, October 20th, Cirque du Soleil came up with a little quiz to test the knowledge of their cast and crew. Anonymous Cirquester passed this along to us and we, in turn, are passing it along to you. See how many you can get right before checking the answers!

  1. Between them, how many languages do the Saly brothers (Zumanity carpenters) speak?
  2. On a typical show day, how many bananas have bites taken out of them?
  3. What were the names of the snakes in the show?
  4. What other animals (besides the snakes) were considered for Zumanity?
  5. How many costume pieces are currently in the Zumanity inventory?
  6. How many wigs and hairpieces are currently in the Zumanity inventory?
  7. In the intimate 1,261-seat Zumanity Theatre, how many separate speakers are there?
  8. How many light fixtures are in the Zumanity Theatre and how many consoles does it take to run them?

OKAY, have your answers? Check em!

  1. Five (with both brothers speaking all five)
  2. Six
  3. Adam and Yves (Eve)
  4. Doves
  5. 3,910
  6. 99
  7. 50
  8. 1,269 light fixtures run by 8 consoles

{SOURCE: Cirque du Soleil}