DidyaKnow? – “Facts to Celebrate Varekai’s 2000th”

Varekai’s 2000th performance was Friday, October 5th in Perth, Australia (the 4:00pm performance if you’re curious) and in celebration of this feat Cirque du Soleil tallied a few facts-at-a-glance regarding the show, which was (of course) anonymously passed on to us. Enjoy!

  • The tour has visited 38 cities in Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand and travelled over 60,000km
  • Over 6,700 local temporary employees have been hired
  • Over 450,000 bags of popcorn & over 550,000 bottles of water consumed
  • Over 50,000 bottles of champagne and 1,000,000 canapés have been served to the 250,000 Tapis Rouge guests
  • The show has seduced over 4.4 millions spectators
  • The Tour Services Department has rented over 3,000 apartments; transported over 11,000 suitcases; booked over 2,400 plane tickets
  • The site has used almost 20km of rope for the different tents and over 20km of electric tape!
  • The kitchen has served over 800,000 meals
  • The show has used over 130 ropes for the trapeze act, 30,000 pounds of dry ice, and over 2,000 green LED lights for fireflies
  • The physiotherapists have taped over 15,000 ankles, used over 20,000 rolls of tape, and given over 14,000 treatment sessions
  • Over 1,500,000 red petals have fallen from the Varekai sky and will continue to fall…
  • {SOURCE: Cirque du Soleil}