Dralion’s 3000th Quiz: Answers, Part 2

Less than a week ago we posted a short list of questions prepared by Interim Artistic Coordinator and General Stage Manager of Dralion, Pat Rioux. Some of them were toughies; ready to see how you did? Yes? Okay, get ready to check those answers!

(Part 2, Answers to Questions 7 to 11)

  • Q7: How many male singers has Dralion had?
  • A7: Six — Erik Karol, Richard Oberacker (Bellare seulement), Frank Irving, Robert Fertitta (Beaver), Calvin Braxton and Cristian Zabala
  • Q8: How many women singers has Dralion had?
  • A8: Four — Agnès Sohier, Laur Fugère (coulisses), Estelle Esse, and Julie Degrandpré (coulisses)
  • Q9: How many musicians have performed with Dralion?
  • A9: Twenty-one — Mario Venditti (percussions et batterie), Stephen Poulin (claviers et chef d’orchestre), Francois Guay (violon), Claire Tremblay (instruments à vent), Thomas Harris (batterie), Richard Oberacker (chef d’orchestre), Christian Sylvestre (guitare), JoAnn Blondin (percussions), Louis-Daniel Joly (percussions), Davide Rossi (violon), Caroline Urtnowski (instruments à vent), Brent Roman (percussions), Edgar Gabriel (violon), Ron Jesserun (guitare), Gregg Barnett (guitare), Robert Thompson (violon), David Bussieres (guitare), Mirella Pirskanen (violon), Claire-Michele Bez (instruments à vent), Michael Pucci (guitare), and Andi Pema (percussions)
  • Q10: What acrobatic acts have been presented 3000 times?
  • A10: Only three — Bamboos, Dralions and Skipping Rope
  • Q11: Which act has been the least performed?
  • A11: A Unicycle Act by Johnny and Soizick was performed only three times (it replaced a “wrestling” act.)

There were a few tricky ones in there, weren’t there?