Dralion 3000: Didyaknow?

Our anonymous “cirquester” is back with a few facts and figures relating to Dralion’s recent 3000th performance celebration! Enjoy!

  • 1,250 is the total number of costume pieces used for the show (another 1,000 for back-up)
  • 92 is the number of cans of hairspray that Clown Vincenti uses in a year
  • 2,880 is the total number of gold picks used on the singer’s gold sleeves in one year. This adds up to 864 metres (times that by the eight years the show has been playing, and it comes to a whopping 6,912 metres)
  • 3 is the number of tomato costumes used since 1999
  • The aerial set weighs nine tons and is suspended from the big top on14 steel cables.
  • The griffe wall weighs 18 tons and takes 13 hours to install.
  • Since 1999, Stephen Poulin (Band Leader) has visited Health Services only once: to get Advil for another musician.
  • The most bizarre show stopper award goes to Gerry Regitschnig (Clown). He got the microphone hook stuck in his nostril during presentation and a therapist had to run onstage to help him.
  • Since 1999, our kitchen has created more than 30,000 recipes, and peeled and cooked more than 16,000 kg of potatoes. It has ordered 120,000 watermelons and 1,300 jars of Nutella. We have drunk 30,000 litres of soy milk.

Thanks anonymous “cirquester” for sending these nice tidbits our way!