CirqueClub /// “The Birds and Bees on OVO”

The OVO team has watched love blossom between two of their grasshoppers, Karl and Marjorie, who got married last year. Wedding bells rang again, this year, for a another charming couple… of crickets (AKA Laura and Michel). Is love in the air on OVO? With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we talk about love with our newlyweds. Michel kindly answered our questions.



Was it love at first sight?

No, not really. Creation was so busy that we didn’t have much time to take notice of each other. As time went by, we got closer…

Tell us about the proposal, who asked?

I was the one who proposed. I wanted it to be a total surprise so one day, when Laura went to the show early, I bought roses and scatted them all over the apartment. I also put the ring and a bottle of champagne, on the table. After the show, when we got home, Laura opened the door and saw everything!

Usually, do you celebrate Valentine’s Day, if yes, what are your plans this year?

Valentine’s Day isn’t popular in Switzerland, so we don’t go crazy. I usually buy Laura a small gift and flowers.

Would you consider working closely an advantage in your relationship? What advice would you give couples living and working together?

It can be an advantage in a way that we can see each other whenever we like, but I don’t think it makes our relationship better. The advice I would give to another couple who work together is: know when to give each other space. Also know for a fact that if you intend to plan a surprise proposal, it will be pretty hard, as you are always together.

According to you, what’s the biggest proof of love?

When you don’t have to change who you are to please the other person.

You traveled a lot with OVO, Wich city is the most romantic to you?

I would have to say Brisbane, because that’s the city I proposed to Laura. 🙂

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