The Macallan and Cirque Du Soleil Team Up for Whisky and Thrilling Stunts

Mixing Scotch with acrobatics is usually a no-no, but not if the Macallan is involved.

The Scottish distillery has teamed up with Cirque du Soleil to create a singular theatrical experience that involves tasty top-shelf whisky and thrilling aerial tricks.

Running on evenings through May, Cirque du Soleil Spirit will take place on the 485-acre Macallan estate in Speyside, Scotland. The indoor venue is conveniently located a short five-minute walk from the distillery, so you could also tour that before the performance. You will also have the opportunity to visit The Macallan Bar following the experience.

“We’re welcoming guests from all over the world to our estate for this spectacular experience, offering them the opportunity for a breathtaking performance and a bespoke whisky-tasting experience, all unique to the Macallan,” the distillery’s creative director Jaume Ferràs said in a statement.

The show itself tells the tale of the Macallan, exploring the spirit of the centuries-old whisky maker both literally and figuratively. The experience is also an ode to the transformative power of nature. The storyline and performances are designed to take imbibers on an immersive journey that celebrates the beauty of Scotland and beyond. The narrative follows Davonna, the Guardian of the Highlands, and Ayla, the young daughter of a beloved master whisky maker, on an adventure full of fantastical folkloric figures.

“With this invitation, we’re welcoming guests to a transformative experience in the timeless beauty of the Macallan Estate,” adds Cirque du Soleil’s creative director Marie-Hélène Delage. “Together, we’ve written a tale that celebrates the beauty, wonder, and deep connection we all share with the natural world.”

One of the standout elements is, of course, the signature tasting experience. The Macallan says the Scotch is seamlessly woven into the fabric of the performance, giving guests a true sensory experience that trumps the traditional event. The fine print says guests receive one cocktail and one dram, but there are no further details regarding the exact expressions on offer. Fingers crossed you get to sip the smoky 73-year-old Tales of The Macallan Volume II.

Beyond the entertainment, the experience carries an environmental message. The Macallan says the performance serves as a love letter to the sublime landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, emphasizing the need to reconnect with nature and protect natural landscapes.

The Cirque du Soleil Spirit show will take place at 8:30 p.m. each day (excluding Sundays) from May 9 to 31. Tickets are priced at £200 (approximately $250) per person. Bottoms up.

{ SOURCE: Rob Report }