ECHO: Act Descriptions

Icarian Games — Two dizzying performers come to the stage in an act of flipping and rotation that spins the story forward. Their motion acts as a machine to extract boxes from The CUBE, moving faster and faster to speed up the process.

Double Hair Suspension — In a touching moment of vulnerability, the FIREFLIES bring a sense of hope, as two beautiful artists gracefully soar through the air suspended by their hair.

Banquine / Korean Cradle — The COLOR PAPER PEOPLE come together in a thrilling mix of banquine, Korean cradle, and flying poles acts. With the help of the CUBE and the encouragement of FUTURE, they learn to collaborate and realize the importance of having fun in a dizzying array of stunts.

Slackwire — Smoke billows from the floor, flames break out within the CUBE, and a tense double slackline act ensues, as two animals stand on a line between life and death.

Flying Poles — This flying poles act features a first-of-its-kind pole apparatus named Chrysalid that is semi-attached to the stage floor. This groundbreaking performance requires exceptional strength, and signals the rebuilding of The CUBE.

Juggling — In an act of love and gratitude, Ewai The Dog gets carried away playing catch, and breaks into a fascinating juggling act. That’s when he encounters the FOSSORIAL, who adds several objects to Ewai The Dog’s hands, forcing him to get more and more creative with how he juggles it all.

Contortion & Dislocation — The FOSSORIAL puts his flexibility and adaptability on full display in a contortionist act that will leave audiences stunned when the artist dislocates his limbs to maintain his loving embrace with FUTURE and Ewai The Dog.

Trapeze Washington — When FUTURE looks up to see the final missing box flying in the air, she realizes it’s up to her to place the missing piece back into the CUBE. The Washington trapeze descends towards her in a poetic moment, as the animals return to stage to orchestrate her flight.

Teeterboards — In an act of pure jubilation, multiple artists celebrate their connection through a unique triple teeterboard act.