ECHO: The Characters

Future — FUTURE is the protagonist of Cirque du Soleil ECHO, and sees the world through the eyes of a new generation. With her playful companion, Ewai The Dog, she wanders upon an enigmatic CUBE, setting in motion a journey of life, discovery, hope, and connection.

Ewai the Dog — A symbol of unconditional love, Ewai The Dog is FUTURE’s selfless companion whose only wish in life is to make her happy. With his playful and curious nature, Ewai The Dog helps FUTURE make unique connections with the animal characters along their journey.

The Cartographer — The CARTOGRAPHER is a mysterious character with an inventive mind. With his bright energy and color, he introduces FUTURE to the idea of change and the concept of science.

Double Trouble — The comedic duo of DOUBLE TROUBLE are driven by productivity. Representing an era of industrialization, their appearance marks the start of the CUBE’s extraction. Watch as they recruit other characters (and maybe even you) to help them stack boxes, build structures, and achieve their ambitious goals.

The Fossorial — The FOSSORIAL is an introverted creature who lives alone underground. Any action taking place above ground has a direct impact on his home and livelihood, so once in a while you’ll see him pop his head above the surface to see what’s going on.