Seventh edition of CDS’ Tribute Series: GUY! GUY! GUY!

(Translated from the original French via Google Translate)

Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group (“ Cirque du Soleil ”) has made the Cogeco Amphitheater in Trois-Rivières its summer home for seven years now. The arrival of spring heralds the announcements for the tribute show to the mythical number 10 with the presentation of part of the creative team working on this new production as well as the unveiling of the title and the poster. Entitled “GUY! GUY! GUY! », as a nod to the victorious slogan chanted by the supporters, this seventh edition of the Tribute Series promises a highly acrobatic, joyful and generous celebration in the image of the blond demon.

This project is of particular importance for Cirque du Soleil with the mobilization of more than a hundred collaborators. Indeed, paying tribute to a popular figure as legendary as Guy Lafleur is a great responsibility and an incredible opportunity for the creative director, Daniel Ross, and the director, Fernand Rainville. “With “GUY! GUY! GUY! », we wish to touch the hearts of Quebecers who sang, chanted, applauded with one voice and the same unifying momentum, the exploits and highlights of this genius hockey player. “says Daniel Ross. “Don’t expect a biographical work or a hockey show. We are inspired by the career of Guy Lafleur to bring back the joy, the feeling of pride and the pleasure of the game that he gave us, all this through the circus arts. adds Daniel Ross.

What struck Fernand Rainville, director, was the very close proximity that the public maintained with Guy Lafleur. As soon as he began his research work, testimonies poured in. “His accessibility, his authenticity and his resilience coupled with an extraordinary physical nature and an undeniable talent are a great source of inspiration for me as a director, but also for the people of Quebec. reveals Fernand Rainville. “That’s why we invite the public to open their memory box and share their story with Guy Lafleur. “. A platform, accessible here , has been launched to collect these valuable testimonies.

As with each Tribute Series, the Quebec musical repertoire is honored and this year will be no exception. The musical direction and the arrangements have been entrusted to Philippe Brault, who has worked for more than twenty years as a producer and accompanying musician for many local singers. The soundtrack of the show will draw mainly from Quebec talents of the 70s such as Gilles Valiquette, Boule Noire, Gerry Boulet or Loco Locass. Finally, some musical novelties will seduce the audience: an original musical creation, a multi-instrumentalist musician on stage and sound work based on audio archives.

This 75-minute show, created exclusively for the Cogeco Amphitheater, will bring together 29 artists in a staging orchestrated by Fernand Rainville, assisted by Vincent Côté, under the musical direction of Philippe Brault.

{ SOURCE: Cirque du Soleil }