How CDS Evaluates and Deploys New Technology

In this Acceleration Economy Digital CIO Summit Moment, Cirque du Soleil VP of IT Philippe Lalumiere tells Bob Evans how the live entertainment company evaluates and deploys new technology.

CIO Summit Moment


00:05 — Philippe says that, as an IT leader, his challenge is to “steer the organization with the technology choices.” Virtual reality is still a nascent technology, but he and his organization cannot wait for it to mature. For now, Philippe is taking a use case-based approach and deploying technology in a proof of concept or proof of value before expanding to other business units within the company.

00:52 — Artificial intelligence is something that Philippe wants to use internally. The first use case would be for end-user services as a front to Cirque du Soleil’s ticketing system. A specific use case is password resets.

01:21 — A chatbot could fix most password reset issues, which would improve customer service and relieve pressure on Philippe’s team. His analysts and technicians could concentrate on more interesting problems, and their jobs would improve. “It’s a win-win,” he says.

{ SOURCE: Acceleration Economy }