Cirque du Soleil Previews ECHO at Old Port

Cirque du Soleil is unveiling a new show called ECHO.

It has a spare, modern look and an emphasis on dance. The performance explores the link between the animal and human worlds with storytelling in fluid motion. Author and director of ECHO Mukhtar Omar Sharif Mukhtar emphasizes his background in dance.

“The movement aspect of things, I think it’s very important for me. Also, with dance you get a lot of emotion, and I really want to put that sense of emotion into the acrobats because I think that’s what brings them to become artists rather than just gymnasts.”

Cirque du Soleil always wants to push the boundaries of circus in their shows, and ECHO has — with the first-time-ever “hair-hang duo”.

Charlotte O’Sullivan is one-half of the act in which two aerial acrobats are suspended by their hair.

“We always make sure our quality of movement stays smooth, synchronized, elegant, sort of as if we’re floating on air, and it’s important to us in the style that we do. We don’t want to portray something painful or freaky. We want to show something angelic and elegant,” said O’Sullivan.

The other acts are also bright and energetic, and so is the music.

“We have seven musicians live on stage, and all of them are singing,” said ECHO creative director Chantal Tremblay. “That’s the difference. Also, a lot of vocals and strings, so we have a different sound and everything to support the acrobatic performance.”

The band is part of the show, not tucked away in the wings.

Local artist Pascale Brigitte Boilard makes her debut in ECHO. She grew up being in the audiences for Cirque du Soleil shows, and now she’s part of the action.

“I’m from Longueuil! Just on the other side of the shore. I grew up seeing the big top during the summer, I’ve been to many different shows, and I was the kid in the bleachers saying, ‘One day it’s going to be me.’ And apparently it’s today. Here I am!”

The show will take place at the Jacques-Cartier Pier in the Old Port of Montreal. Performances of ECHO begin on April 20 and run through to August 2023.

{ SOURCE: CTV Montreal }