Issue #217: FEB/MAR 2023

Welcome to the latest edition of Fascination, the Unofficial Cirque du Soleil Newsletter.

I must apologize for missing February’s issue, as it seems that 2023 is just not my year (so far)! Immediately following the release of January’s issue, my family and I caught COVID for the first time. Our son brought it to us – and though he and my wife had a very mild time of it, I did not. It turned into a 2+ week affair of “getting” sick, then being very sick, then there was a week of “brain fog” and fatigue that’s so prevalent in those who get a bad case of COVID. Thankfully it did not turn into “long COVID” and we’ve all made a full recovery. (I’m also thankful that I was both vaccinated and boosted, or it could have been much, much worse.) Anyway, following our bouts with COVID, the universe decided that both of our vehicles needed to catch it too! First one car, then the other, needed to be towed into the service garage for some reason or another. It was clearly time for a new car or two. And so I focused time and attention on that, eventually settling on a nice brand-new 2023 Subaru sedan.

But wait, there’s more!

We were bought down from the new car high the following day upon discovering a burst water pipe in our home – a day before heading off on vacation. Uuuuugh! While that’s all settled now, it’s really thrown everything around here off kilter. Such is life, right? To that end expect issues bi-monthly for the foreseeable future, unless Cirque du Soleil ramps up production again. Otherwise, we’ll see you again in May to cover ECHO’s premiere!

Let’s get into it…