Cirque du Soleil Soars Into 2023

In 2023, Cirque du Soleil will continue to uplift audiences worldwide. And who knows? Maybe the performers will inspire guests to break boundaries, scale new heights, and attain personal goals in the New Year.

Breathless with anticipation, the world welcomed 2023 with fireworks, popping corks, and resolutions to have more fun and excitement in the new year. And Cirque du Soleil stands ready at attention to help fulfill that vow — and glide into your heart.

Cirque du Soleil’s world-class performance artists, often touted as the premier Las Vegas performers, delight in providing inspiration to thousands of fans — young and old, newbies and devotees — every year. These exuberant dancers, acrobats, musicians, and artists are pure creativity in motion. They effortlessly shimmer across the stage, through the air, and even under the water. Their brilliantly colored costumes celebrate the joy of movement and self-expression.

In 2023, Cirque du Soleil will continue to uplift audiences worldwide. And who knows? Maybe the performers will inspire guests to break boundaries, scale new heights, and attain personal goals in the New Year.


Few metropolises on the planet glitter as brightly as Las Vegas. And Sin City has traditionally hosted swoon-worthy performance venues that have historically showcased mind-blowing artists and groups. Today, Cirque du Soleil steps into that tradition and steps it up with six wildly popular Las Vegas shows. Each breathtaking performance offers Cirque du Soleil’s trademark blend of high artistry, eclectic costumes, and stunning special effects and music

Love Me Do: Cirque du Soleil Spins The Beatles — Longtime fans of classic rock kings The Beatles, and new generations yet to discover the Fab Four, will go ga-ga over The Beatles: Love by Cirque du Soleil. This sensory-rich “Magical Mystery Tour” takes place at The Mirage Hotel and Casino’s theater-in-the-round. Cirque du Soleil’s iconic Mop Tops soundtrack, winner of three Grammy Awards, sets a sonic state of mind for an epic adventure to “Strawberry Fields” and an “Octopus’s Garden” that’s been viewed by more than 10 million guests — so far. In echoes of the psychedelic 1960s, the audience is treated to mind-bending Sgt. Pepper imagery embellished by today’s cutting-edge technology. Multicolored bubbles and electric jellyfish meander across the stage to Beatles’ music. Airborne roller skaters and aerial acrobats effortlessly slide through this 21st-century ode to The Beatles’ timeless tunes.

Cirque du Soleil Takes a Bite Out of the Mad Apple — If New York City is so nice they named it twice, the New York, New York Hotel and Casino in Vegas just may have scored a triple by hosting Cirque du Soleil’s Mad Apple. This high-powered dive into the Big Apple’s eclectic nightlife begins with cocktails served at the classic stage bar. A preperformance magic show primes fans for the main event. And what an event it is! All the grit, gumption, spectacle, and special sauce of the city that never sleeps without any of the hassle. As the house band rolls out NYC-inspired classics, street performers, acrobats, musicians, and underground stars capture New York City’s earthy vibe. Laughs and gasps abound from the comic quips to the acrobatic flips. Take note: Because of comedy themes and adult language, children under 16 will not be permitted to attend Mad Apple. Attendees 16 to 18 can attend the performance when accompanied by an adult.

Kà at MGM Grand — Enter a world of mystery and warcraft at the MGM Grand’s 360-degree stage, where the sweeping story of Kà manifests in an epic saga of a twin girl and boy on a treacherous trek to uncover their mutual destiny. Each character’s story unfolds separately, involving life, love, and Kà, the essence that melds human lives. However, each twin is also touched by war’s battlefields. While some of Kà’s legendary battles take place on land, others are fought in spellbinding suspension aloft over rapt fans’ heads. Mighty warriors wield their finely tuned martial arts and acrobatic skills as pyrotechnics, interactive video, and puppetry prance through this multimedia production. Because this spine-tingling spectacle features loud noises and darkness, children younger than 3 may not attend Kà performances.

Cirque du Soleil Rocks With You at Michael Jackson: One — “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” of the King of Pop’s electrifying show, hosted by the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Michael Jackson: One is the fantastical tale of four young misfit travelers transformed by the supernatural touch of the chart-topper. While defeating “Smooth Criminals” who “Wanna Be Starting Something” to Jackson’s most beloved hits, fans are treated to visual brilliance, stunning lighting effects, and pulsing surround sound. Acrobatic feats, along with MJ’s impossibly slick dance moves, provide infectious energy. It’s a “Thriller” show for sure. Note: Children under 5 will not be allowed to attend the Michael Jackson: One show. Guests from 5 to 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Mystère at Treasure Island — Feats of strength. Daring derring-do. Agile acrobatics. Mystère, Cirque du Soleil’s longest-lived production, is where the magic began. Weaving the bewitchment at Treasure Island, this celebrated all-ages multimedia show explores comedy and laughter as thunderous taiko drums provide a powerful backdrop for dance, acrobatics, and plenty of classic gags. Guests of all ages enjoy never-fail comedic snippets that always leave the audience in stitches. Mystère is fun for children of all ages. If younger than 1, children must stay on a parent’s or guardian’s lap throughout the show. Every child over 1 must have a ticket even if seated on an adult’s lap. Finally, some children may be scared by the show’s loud noises and moments of darkness.

O at Bellagio Hotel and Casino — The mesmerizing O dives deep into water’s twin roles: a fluid aquatic playground and a battleground that seems to defy the laws of physics. World-class acrobats, skilled high divers, and elegant synchronized swimmers create a distinctive type of live theater. Operatic characters and street performers are equally at home in the wet and wild environment of O. Audiences will be enthralled by a highly charged fire-and-water conflict, a timeless aerial duet, and a meeting with a ghost ship. Note: Children 5 and up are allowed to attend all O performances. Some children may be scared by loud noises and periods of darkness.


Feeling blue and looking for fun and imaginative things to do in Las Vegas to pep you up? Imagine a trio of quirky azure-hued gentlemen, each with a supercharged imagination that knows no bounds. Now, give them the resources to unleash their wildly creative visions and turn them into reality. Meet Blue Man Group, the uber-popular headliners at Las Vegas’ Luxor Hotel and Casino.

Each one-of-a-kind show takes place in Blue Man Group’s custom-designed theater. A spacious stage and sophisticated lighting system set the tone for each performance. Think you’ve seen every type of drum there is? Think again. This fabled display features smoke drums synced to the music, and an astonishing drum phoenix’s expanding percussive wings add an explosive element.

Blue Man Group amazes without using musical lyrics or spoken words. Instead, these highly unconventional characters infuse each performance with comedy, music, and next-level nonverbal communication. To date, Blue Man Group has delighted more than 35 million guests of different cultures, languages, and worldviews.
Look For Last Minute Tickets in Las Vegas

Scoring tickets to popular Las Vegas shows can be a challenge. However, tickets may unexpectedly pop up shortly before a scheduled performance. Looking for shows in Vegas tonight? Cirque du Soleil fans will be pleased to learn that last minute tickets in Las Vegas are often available.


“When you wish upon a star …” Countless scores of children (and adults) have grown up with classic Disney animated characters. While these whimsically crafted avatars thrive in movies and memorabilia, they really come to life on the Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) stage in a collaboration for the ages with Cirque du Soleil.

Cirque du Soleil and Disney Animation have mixed their collective creative juices to present the whimsical Drawn to Life. Inspired by original Walt Disney Animation Studios stories, this eclectic show presents the story of Julie, an inquisitive young lady who finds several unfinished drawings by her late animator father.

The Cirque du Soleil-Disney experience kicks it up a notch when Julie is captivated by a magical pencil. Not your everyday writing instrument, the pencil becomes Julie’s transport around a supersize animation table. As she travels, colorful Disney characters help Julie relive her favorite childhood Disney memories and gain insights into her future.

To bring this engaging story to life, Cirque du Soleil employs innovative set design and newly generated Disney animation. Cirque du Soleil’s trademark bold costumes set the stage for the characters’ stunning choreography and dizzying acrobatics. A Disney-inspired original score serves as a fitting backdrop for the fast-paced action. This Disney Springs show is fast becoming a “must see” destination for Disney World-bound families.


As the Cirque du Soleil 2023 lineup takes shape, the troupe’s beloved Las Vegas shows and Disney Springs performances continue to draw appreciative audiences. Inquiring about last minute tickets in Las Vegas could bring a windfall of open seats to shows with scarce available space.

Rest assured, even with all this pageantry on display, Cirque du Soleil isn’t resting on its laurels. The Montreal-based creative team is constantly brainstorming new, otherworldly enchantments. Nearly 400 talented craftspeople and creative specialists use diverse resources and harness the power of their imaginations to bring each new show to life. In the process, they’ll transform their dreams into electric stage experiences that will engage and inspire their audiences. And the fans will always be their focus.

{ SOURCE: The Boss Magazine }