CDS to Present AMORA in Malta

AMORA by Cirque du Soleil, a brand-new production created exclusively for Malta, will be presented in at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, from November 24 to December 18.

“Cirque du Soleil has become a yearly awaited event in Malta’s cultural calendar. From signature style acrobatics to visual artistry, both foreign and domestic tourists will have the opportunity to see high-level artists produce a memorable spectacle for another year,” remarks Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo.

For the third year, Cirque du Soleil is honoured and thrilled to present a brand-new creation for locals and tourists alike. “It is a great privilege for us to imagine a story and craft a show that will resonate with a wide audience, wherever they come from and whatever background they have. AMORA is about the power of love. Packed with colourful characters and high-calibre acrobatics, the show is a love letter to the beauty of Malta and a celebration of circus arts. We’ve carefully curated the 12 acrobatic acts composing the show, all of them never seen before in Malta.” explains show director Alexia Bürger.

After a creative and acrobatic workshop at the Cirque du Soleil International Headquarters set to happen end of October, the cast and crew along with the creative and production teams will soon be travelling to Malta to put the finishing touches to AMORA.

AMORA by Cirque du Soleil is a celebration of the magnetic force of love, it speaks to the central love story between Bruno and Loulou. At the same time, it is a love letter to the beauty and richness of Malta, and to the circus arts.

The story centres around a clumsy but lovable character, Bruno. Gazing up at the skies of La Valette, he sets eyes on a mysterious woman, Loulou. Captivated, he tries to climb up to her balcony to reach her, but she flies away and vanishes out of sight.

Bruno’s obsession to find Loulou grows as the story unfolds. He sets out on a quest to find her, meeting colourful new friends with extraordinary powers along the way. These characters will teach Bruno how to defy gravity and reach the sky to unite with the woman he loves.

Despite Bruno’s clumsiness and many challenges along the way, love ultimately conquers all, and the entire city comes together in celebration as he finds his way to Loulou’s heart.

Tickets for the 75-minute performances of AMORA by Cirque du Soleil, presented at the Mediterranean Conference Centre (Valletta) from November 24 to December 18, are available online at /

{ SOURCE: The Times of Malta }