Issue #192: JAN 2020

Bonne année and welcome to the latest edition of Fascination, the Unofficial Cirque du Soleil Newsletter. Although it’s been a rather slow news month, let’s jump right in…


On January 5, 2020, during a performance of Cirque du Soleil’s “O” at Bellagio, an artist who is part of the Russian Swing act fell. As a precautionary measure and in accordance with our emergency response protocols, we stopped the show to allow the emergency intervention team to safely bring the artist backstage where he was immediately taken in good care by the show’s medical team. As always in the case of an accident, the artist will continue to be monitored by the “O” medical and coaching teams to determine when he can return to his activities.


According to, a source claims R.U.N at the Luxor looks to be closing after April 2020. Here’s what they have to say about it:

“R.U.N.” has received scathing reviews since its debut, with many declaring it the “worst show ever in Las Vegas.” On TripAdvisor, the show has received 115 “terrible” ratings, and 31 “excellent” ratings, although a good deal of the “excellent” ratings are of questionable origin. For example, many use the same or similar terminology (“immersive!”), and are written by first-time reviewers using generic profile photos. Another common theme among the dubious raves are claims audience disappointment with the show is due to it not being a “typical Cirque show.” We can’t disagree, as typical Cirque shows are “enjoyable” and “entertaining” and tend to not feature torture sequences. There has been no official announcement or confirmation of the closure of R.U.N by Cirque du Soleil or Luxor. A source shared an internally-distributed schedule of upcoming performances of “R.U.N.,” which abruptly ends after its April dates.

There’s been speculation that because of the show’s $62 million price tag, it would be disastrous to simply pull the plug on R.U.N There’s a chance the show could close temporarily for an overhaul to try and salvage it. There’s also a chance Cirque has realized it misread the market and will cut its losses to stop the bleeding. While it’s no fun when a show closes and performers and crew members lose their gigs, it’s also no fun when customers feel ripped off after seeing a Las Vegas show, especially one from a respected company like Cirque du Soleil. R.U.N was a noble, but misguided and poorly executed, attempt to reach a new audience for Cirque. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence that audience actually exists.

Although the show could be closing after April 2020, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Cirque and/or MGM has decided not to put show tickets greater than 90 days on sale at this time. Mystère currently only has tickets on sale through April 2020 and there’s no speculation about its future. That being said, all other Cirque shows at MGM properties DO have tickets on sale through to the end of 2020 so… I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Don’t forget – the 8th annual edition of One Night for One Drop will be held on Friday March 27, 2020 at the Luxor Hotel & Casino, featuring a “thrilling” performance of R.U.N – so it should stick around until then!


• Alegría: In a New Light has a new artist performing a hand balancing act on a rotational basis. This update comes with a change to the artist’s costume (using a similar outfit that’s used in Hand-to-Hand), and instead of the song “Taruka” being performed, “Vai Vedrai” is used instead.

• On 1/6/2020, Paramour celebrated its 300th show in Hamburg.

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