CDS + Deed3D for X: The Land of Fantasy

July 2019, Cirque du Soleil raised the curtain on its most recent permanent show in China: X the Land of Fantasy, which offers an astonishing staging combining heart-pumping acrobatics, state-of-the-art visual and sound effects, and high-tech scenic and theatrical elements. Divided into two sets of intimate revolving bleachers, the theater offers an unprecedented immersive experience to 1,500 spectators who benefit from a unique perspective of 360 degrees on the massive 100-meters wide mainstage and the central structure consisting of nine panels of 121 square-meters each that shape-shift as the story unfolds.

The 420 square-meter “forest” is the highlight of the stage, but creating it was quite a challege. Limbs needed to be lightweight to allow easy scene changes but also durability, so as not to crumble after a few days use. Deed3D Technologies partnered with Cirque du Soleil to find the right tensile and flex properties to make the 3D-printed “forest” a reality.

The tree limbs (the longest of which are 3.7m) were printed in FDM ABS-M30 plastic – a strong and cost-effective material. Deed3d chose PC-ABS plastic, taking advantage of the strength and durability of both ABS and PC plastics, to produce the middle connector parts. Nylon 12 material was used for those pieces that required maximum flexibility.

In order to ensure that the shows can be staged on time, Deed3d mobilized 5 sets of Stratasys Fortus 900mc and more than 20 sets of 450mc and 380mc. The company delivered hundreds of finished tree limbs within 30 days of order. And after six months of rehearsal and performance, the 3d printed parts are still intact!

Mr. Hou the CEO of Deed3d Technology emphasizes, “as a leading 3D printing service, we equipped with over 50 sets of Stratasys printers, to realize the small batch production of rapid prototyping. And one of the biggest benefits of Stratasys printer is it can easily switch different materials.”

{ SOURCE: 3D }