Issue #187: AUG 2019

Welcome to the latest edition of Fascination, the Unofficial Cirque du Soleil Newsletter.

Are you sitting down? If not I’ll wait…

Good Now? Okay… posted just moments before wrapping up this month’s issue, Cirque du Soleil announced news that I… well, we’ve all been waiting for… and here it is: “Our most iconic melodies reinterpreted through today’s lens will be released on August 16th! Only 4 days until Alegria’s soundtrack is yours!” Check out the video released with the news – for a few clips of the new music while we wait!


Since we’ve last spoken, X: THE LAND OF FANTASY has made it’s grand premiere in Hangzhou, China. You’ll find an article within that talks briefly about the show, but unfortunately not much has reached the English-speaking press on X. However, a few reviews can be found in Chinese, such as:


The general consensus is, if my translator is working properly, X: The Land of Fantasy is “stunning, shocking, worthwhile, high-energy all the way..”

That’s great news! We hope to hear much more out of Hangzhou shortly. So stay tuned!


Earlier in the year I threw together a quick list of upcoming show premieres, based on prior statements and rumors. With the announcement of “‘Twas the Night Before…” (press release within), it’s time to update and re-share that list. Here’s what I have that’s due from Cirque du Soleil’s main brand and Events + Experiences for the rest of 2019 and into 2020 as of now. We’re certain more will be added to it shortly!

    • 10/4/2019 — AXEL Premieres (Arena Show, North America)
    • 10/10/2019 — MESSI10 Premieres (Arena Show, Europe)
    • 10/24/2019 — R.U.N. Premieres (Resident Show, Las Vegas)
    • 11/27 – 12/20, 2019 — VITORI (in Malta)
    • 11/29 – 12/29, 2019 — “Twas the Night Before” (Chicago / NYC)
    • November 2019 — AT SEA #5 (MSC Grandiosa)
    • November 2019 — AT SEA #6 (MSC Grandiosa)

    • March 2020 — La Nouba Replacement (Resident Show, WDW)
    • March 2020 — AT SEA #7 (MSC Virtuosa)
    • March 2020 — AT SEA #8 (MSC Virtuosa)
    • April 2020 — Tour 2020 (GC Touring Show, Montreal)
    • Summer 2020 — Hommage #6
    • n/a — a Touring show starting in Chile
    • n/a — ASTANA 2020 (Reflekt 2.0)
    • November 2020 — MALTA #2

Enough Cirque for ya?


Speaking of AXEL: the trailer for Cirque’s new ice skating spectacular has hit the Internet and it’s already drawing ire from some fans for it’s strangeness, which you can see in the transcript below…

My name? Axel. Why? Dad was a Guns ’n Roses fan. Mom could do a double axel in skating competitions, but I never saw her do it. My nationality? Who cares? I was born on a plane. My parents were traveling back home from Australia. It makes me an extraterrestrial, I guess. Can I really call myself an artist? Look, I play music and I draw. My music inspires my drawings and my art inspires the music. It’s all the same thing really, it’s an expression of who I am. I’m trying to create different worlds where everything talks to each other, connects to the world, the atmosphere, the mood, the energy. The guitar is my instrument. Playing it is like drawing for me. It’s the extension of my hands. Red is my color, and my biggest fear is being irrelevant. My worst memory was my dog being hit by a car when I was 8. It broke my heart. I cried for days. She was brilliant. Lei is the new girl in town. Her dad runs a coffee shop. I go there now and I don’t even like coffee. Why does she make my heart beat so fast? I don’t need to sleep much, so I guess that gives lots of time to work on my art and music. Hey is stamina a superpower? Still working on finding myself, but inspiration is everywhere.

See the video here:

Not long thereafter, another video was posted, featuring Behind the Scenes footage of the character Axel singing and playing acoustic guitar in his bedroom. An interesting choice to say the least, but regardless of how you may feel about it, the videos are generating buzz. (


Last month, San Diego Comic-Con attendees were treated to an exclusive sneak-peek of R.U.N – Cirque du Soleil’s first live-action thriller, at the Con’s Fandom Party. A specially created act inspired by R.U.N was performed, showcasing a live performance by Tyler Bates, R.U.N’s music composer, as well as a voice-over narration written by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. The never-before-seen performance included pyro elements, an epic rooftop battle, adrenaline-inducing motorcycle tricking, and live-action stunts.

    • Pictures:
    • Video:
    • Behind the Scenes:

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