CirqueCast, Season 2 Episode 3:
CRYSTAL Review & Interview


CirqueCast is a Vodcast (that’s video podcast) for Cirque fans by Cirque fans – featuring artist interviews, Cirque headlines, and the inside scoop to your favorite Cirque du Soleil shows! Join your hosts José Pérez (TheChapiteau), Richard “Richasi” Russo (Fascination!), Ian Rents (Hardcore Cirque Fans), and new addition Max Olson, as we bring you a behind-the-scenes look into Cirque du Soleil, complete with discussions and the latest Cirque news.

SEASON 2 EPISODE 3 – CRYSTAL Review & Interview

On this episode of CirqueCast, we explore the world of Crystal, Cirque du Soleil’s newest arena production, which is performed entirely on ice. Watch to learn more about the show from Crystal’s publicist, Julie Desmarais, and don’t miss our exclusive interview with Crystal acrobat Emma Stones.

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