Cirque du Soleil Rebrands – New Logos!

In a video posted across its social media footprint, Cirque du Soleil shocked the fan community with a re-branding effort that will, in their words, take the company into the future of entertainment.

The sun is shining even brighter for Cirque du Soleil as we introduce two new logos that embrace and respect our heritage at the same time as evolving with us: a logo for the Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group and one for our circus arts brand. Follow the inspiration and evolution of these distinct visions of our iconic #CirqueduSoleil sun.

Our world is evolving… ever expanding. / Times change and we reinvent ourselves everyday. / Staying true to our core, our essence… / Building on our heritage / But now simplifying, refining, and improving. / To move forward. / This is our core. / A new interpretation of the sun / A symbol of life, energy, fun, and folly / One that defies conformity / And shines a light on worlds of / infinite possibilities. / A new icon / One that travels much further / Crossing all barriers (language) / This is the heart of Cirque du Soleil.