Where is Delirium Anyway?

Though originally scheduled for last fall, the companion disk to “Tapis Rouge: Solarium” hasn’t seen fit to appear on Cirque’s release list. But several of the tracks have been put out on vinyl 12″ in the UK, with pretty custom sleeves. We finally have an updated listing to give you. We suspect that most of the A-sides will wind up on Delerium when (or if) it’s released.

The first two Volumes featured “chillout” tracks from Solarium:

Volume 1:
     A1 – Africa (Cottonbelly Remix)
     A2 – A Tale (Chilluminati Mix)
     B1 – Le Reveur (Thievery Corporation Remix)
     B2 – Emballa (Llorca Remix) (*)

     (*) This didn’t appear on “Solarium”, but was included as a “bonus”
     track on the Varekai 3-CD Limited Edition Soundtrack.

Volume 2:
     A1 – Ombra (Afterlife Mix)
     A2 – Gamelan (Contoma Remix)
     B1 – Africa (Banzai Republic Mix)
     B2 – El Pendulo (Northern Comfort Mix)

Now we get into the “Delerium” dance remixes:

Volume 3:
     A – Aborigenes Jam Vocal Mix (Francois K and Eric Kupper)
     B – Aborigines Jam Dub Mix (same)

Volume 4:
     A – Emballa – bum Mix (Louie Vega feat. Jaffe)
     B1 – Emballa – Ritual Mix (same)
     B2 – Emballa – Sun Dub (same)

Volume 5:
     A – Kumbalawe – Release Mix (Roger Sanchez)
     B – Kumbalawe – Release the Dub (same)

Volume 6:
     A – Mer Noire (DJ Tiesto)
     B – Africa (Quicksound)

The Roger Sanchez “Release Mix” of “Kumbalawe” has turned into a hit, peaking at #4 on Billboard’s “Hot Dance Music/Club Play” chart!

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