Paramour vs Dandyworld??

It’s called Dandyworld, and it’s a story of a girl from an innocent time, and an innocent place.

Wait, isn’t that Paramour? Well, yes, and no.

According to an interesting post on one of BroadwayWorld’s message boards, it’s actually a bit more complicated than that.

Paramour vs Dandyworld Songs (Composer Put Same Song in 2 Musicals)
Posted: 2/8/17 at 7:45pm

I sat quietly for over a year on something involving Cirque Du Soleil’s Paramour Broadway musical. But after being sued twice in a year by Cirque Composer and my Co-creator of a 10 year project, I have decided to speak out.

Dandy is a story I wrote 10 years ago, with the intention of making it into a musical with co-creator Andreas Carlsson, who is a songwriter. I co-created and co-own the Dandy Project alongside Andreas.

To cut to the chase, Andreas took the project’s title song “Dandyworld” (which again, I co-created and co-own) out of a #1 Swedish Novel of which I am the author, and he sold it to Cirque Du Soleil, without telling me. Cirque’s top brass didn’t seem to know either. (That is, besides Scott Zeiger, Cirque’s Broadway CEO, whom Andreas worked with to get Dandy made into a musical.) The song is written about my story, using my characters and is actually being performed in the novel on stage by a character named, Krazy, (A Ghost / Angel Club Owner at a magical place in the story called Krazy’s Club.)

Cirque pulled the song after it was used in the Macy’s Day Parade. Which was good. What is not good, is that they refuse to state that they WILL NOT use the song in the future. (Only saying they don’t INTEND to use it again.) They seem to be sitting back hoping my multi-millionaire co-creator can sue me into the dirt and take away my rights. This is WRONG. The public should know when a company behaves this way. They hid the truth for over a year, and watched from the sidelines as I have been dragged through endless Federal Court proceedings. Finally I have decided to use my 1st Amendment Right of Free Speech and stand up for myself and others who have been through this sort of bullying.

In the video (in this link) are pages from the Dandy Novel that I am the author of, with both songs side by side.


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