New Version of Ballare

There’s a new version of Violaine Corradi’s Dralion song, “Ballare,” out, and it includes new lyrics! The new recording, in two versions, comes from Persian (Iranian) singer Idin on his album, “The Voice” (Avang 574, available through, song samples can be heard at Idin’s version amps up the tempo and plasters a house beat on the song, with Idin’s vocals wavering over the top. The “album” version features an extended ballad intro, while the album-closer “Remix” sticks to the dance beats.

Idin first auditioned for Cirque when he was 15, with various auditions and callbacks occurring for the next three years. However, Cirque was looking for singers for current productions and Idin’s preference was for a new creation, so he did not sign up. (He might want to watch “Fire Within” and take note of what happened to Adrian Berende before he wishes too hard!).

The new lyrics, in the middle of the song, are taken from ancient Iranian poetry of poet Jaluluddin Rumi (AKA Molana). They roughly translate as: “If your heart is in love, let it love, let it feel, and let it be open to every possibility.” Our take on the song? Not a hit in the same vein as Josh Groban’s take on “Let Me Fall,” but a nice way to get Cirque onto the international dance floor.

[Source:,, Keith Johnson]