New Saltimbanco Album Available

We never would have thought it but it’s true; there’s new Saltimbanco music available! The album first broke on Apple’s iTunes music store on February 15, 2005, but it is also available through other online music stores, such as Napster and Wal-Mart.

The 12-track album, priced at $9.99 (or $.99 per track) through iTunes and similarly priced on other online music stores, features totally new musical arrangements underneath Francine Poitras’ original vocals (where applicable), which brings the 13-year old music into line with the current production. The catch is that the album is only available for download in the United States!

The track listing is as follows:
     ( ) denotes current run-time (mm:ss)
     [ ] denotes original run-time [mm:ss]

     1. Kumbalawé (4:39) [5:34]
     2. Saltimbanco (4:32) [5:19]
     3. Cantus Melopee (6:43) [8:38*]
     4. Norweg (4:30) [6:08]
     5. Kazé (4:34) [5:07]
     6. Barock (4:00) [4:20]
     7. Adagio (5:07) [5:41* / 5:47*]
     8. Amazonia (7:30) [7:58]
     9. Pokinoï (4:45) [5:08]
     10. Il Sogno di volare (5:13) [5:13]
     11. Horéré Ukundé (5:28) [6:47]
     12. Rideau (3:11) [3:07]

Note (*): “Cantus Melopee” was previously only available on the Saltimbanco Live in Amsterdam employee CD. “Adagio” is also from Saltimbanco Live in Amsterdam, however, this track was previously released at 5:41 on a special Japanese extended edition CD and later remixed slightly for the US/Europe extended edition CD.

While we feel that Cirque has once again missed the boat on releasing all relevant recordings on one CD (where is “Urgence” and “Arlequin”?), we are never the less happy to see updated music released to the fans at large. The album is currently only available for download; no release date has been released for when (or if) the CD will be available on CD.

[Source: iTunes, CirqueTribune; Ricky Russo]