Cirque du Soleil Theme Park Unveils Even More Artwork

Theme Park University has covered the Cirque du Soleil theme park since it was first announced. The new groundbreaking extravaganza will be open in 2018, but slowly artwork continues to leak out. This place is jaw dropping.


The water park will open with the first phase of the Cirque du Soleil theme park. Pictured above is Garden Of The Nature Spirit, which is described as a “hidden cove nestled around The Cascades resort, a giant stone sentinel presides over formal pools and statuary gardens. In a first-of-its kind themed attraction, guests are able to take a wild ride down the living vines emanating from the giant statue’s jeweled crown.”


What is most unique about this water park is that it will be performance based. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Cirque du Soleil will be having shows in and around you as you splash around this part of the park. Nothing like this has ever been done before in a water park setting. Make no mistake about it, this will be the most unique water park experience on the planet and it goes far beyond slides and wave pools.


This would not be possible, of course, without Vidanta. The Cirque du Soleil theme park will be surrounded by several hotels/timeshares, which Vidanta has several of scattered around Mexican hotspots. The hotels are also Cirque themed and are inspired/look equally as impressive.

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