What’s up at CirqueClub – February 2005

The “Cirque du Soleil And Me” contest entries have been coming in droves, so we hear. 10 selected stories are appearing each Monday (as we outlined last issue). Some stories are touching, some are funny slices of life, and some are so full of superlative adjectives we roll our eyes. The webpage layout puts each story on a separate page though, so you have to do a bit of clicking to see them all.

The history of Cirque continues, with Part Six covering Quidam and O. There’s also a feature on Anton Chelnokov from Varekai (finally!). This boy’s so popular on the Cirque Club forum (“He’s so hot!”) that we’re surprised this hasn’t found a listing on the news pages yet. Reference: < http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/go.asp?p=3434&l=en&m=5FC943AD2B014D5CA81968C0CD9EBA6D&v=0 >.

Press Releases has been busy! In addition to several releases regarding KA, they announce the 100-city musical tour and the hiring of Aldo Giampaolo, who will oversee production of it. And the Boutique boasts several new items.

In Cirque marketing messages:

Anne-Josée teases us about Cirque 2005: “Our creative headquarters remain shrouded in mystery, with the world premiere of Cirque 2005 in Montreal just around the corner on April 21. Like all of you, I’m still in the dark about what the title of the show will be or even what the show will be about!

What I do know is that in about a month our blue-and-yellow Grand Chapiteau will be raised on the Jacques-Cartier Pier in The Old Port of Montreal. Once the stage has been set and equipment secured into place, rehearsals will move from our studios to the pier. At least a month of rehearsals will take place under the big top so that our artists can get familiar with their new surroundings, and our technical crew can carefully test lighting and rigging techniques.
With only three months to go, tickets are disappearing fast!”

* * *

Marie-Ève Villeneuve, a Dralion crew member wrote of their return to London: “Dralion is back in London, one year later. Allow me to explain what this means for a tour employee!

The concept of the tour is to take the show, and its “village” of staff and artists, from one city to the next, which means we get to visit amazing places all over the world. We’re accustomed to arriving in a new city and creating a little routine, discovering the spots that will become familiar hangouts in the city during our stay. How does public transportation work? What’s the exchange rate? What’s the city’s vibe like? What are the “must-sees”? How do you say “toothpaste” in Spanish? We’re constantly adapting!

So you can surely understand how pleasant it is to come back to a city we’ve already visited. It’s like coming home! We get the chance to rediscover our favourite haunts; this little neighbourhood pub, that great Vietnamese restaurant, the park we jogged through in the
morning. And we get to visit all the museums we missed the first time around.

Really, what it means is that we don’t have to adapt, we can just enjoy! Since nomads like us can’t always be with family and close friends, it’s a precious feeling when we’re in familiar territory.

On the menu for my 2005 visit: Tate London, the National History Museum, a slew of new pubs, fish and chips, and a few musicals. Hmmm! I’d better sign off, I’ve got places to go!”

* * *

And MADAME is back – Not once but twice this month! She’s hawking her Zumanity wares, but the messages are well written.

“Hello, lovely one.

I know it’s been a while since my last communiqué. I have missed you so much! But now is the perfect time to be getting back in touch… it’s that extra-sexy time of the year again! Oh, how I wish they would make Valentine’s Day a national holiday.

I’m so excited! This year I finally found something to offer on top of myself. Um, I mean, besides myself. Thanks to the wonderfully salacious minds of ZUMANITY, I’m going to look, listen, taste, touch and smell my way through this Valentine’s Day! Well, even more than usual.

ZUMANITY Clothes and Accessories: There is nothing sexier than how you hide what you want to be sought. What can I say; these clothes and accessories < http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/go.asp?p=3426&l=en&m=%5BGUID%5D&v=0 > look great on, and look even better on the floor!

ZUMANITY Products for the Body: Intimacy: a sweet caress, a bit of imagination. And a little body oil and chocolate never hurt. Bon appétit!

I promise that I will be in touch again soon! Have a delightfully sensual Valentine’s Day. I know I will.”

“Hello lovely,

I just got my hot little hands on something… well, hot! A truly inspired collection of music that has become the official soundtrack of my love life! I finally understand why they call them jewel cases and so will you when you uncover this little gem.

This delectable feast for the ears has seduced me right from the “First Taste” through to the “Entrée” with a little “Piece of Heaven” for desert. It gets “Into Me” and when it stops I don’t know what to do. So I “Do It Again” and again.

I’ve never heard the international language of desire translated in such a tantalizing and seductive way. This CD has just blown into my life and blown me away… like a warm “Wind” that teasingly caresses my skin. “The Good Thing” is that the ZUMANITY CD is available exclusively for you in our online Boutique… until March.”

* * *

While we’ve heard some tantilizing theories about who Madame is, we’ll never tell!

Also, in an interesting twist, Cirque club members * between 18 to 29 years old only * can purchase Category 3 tickets online for $29.00 – but only for Varekai in Austin, Texas, and from now until Midnight Feb 24th. (Wonder how they’ll inforce the age restrictions?)

Above text courtesy of Cirque Club.