The Park: Vidanta’s Bold Vision Featured in Forbes México

The Park

Grupo Vidanta was featured on the cover of the May/June edition of Forbes México. The profile highlights Grupo Vidanta’s incredible forthcoming contributions to Mexico’s tourism sector—an exciting partnership with fine-dining/lifestyle industry leader Hakkasan Group, and The Park, a new immersive entertainment collaboration with Cirque du Soleil. Grupo Vidanta’s Founder, Daniel Chávez Morán, is also featured prominently for his daring leadership in the field of Mexican tourism. The Park is described by Forbes as, “an ace up [Chávez Morán’s] sleeve,” a tremendous and fantastical venture set to disrupt the Mexican entertainment industry like never before.

An Immersive Dining Experience   The Village of the Sun

The goal of The Park is to fuse Cirque’s singular immersive entertainment experiences with Vidanta’s innovative approach to luxury vacationing. The magnificent end result will be a fantasy land where families from all over the world can explore a world beyond description. Boasting soaring structures and lush forests with hidden secrets, The Park promises to plunge attendees into a magical realm of acrobatics and adventure. The Park will be the crown jewel of Grupo Vidanta’s current development plan—the lead player in a $1.3 billion endeavor meant to further establish Mexico as one of the world’s premier tourist destinations.

Valley of The Blue Waters   A Fantastic World

The new park should have a significant impact not just on Vidanta, but Puerto Vallarta, which had 1.8 million international visitors in 2015. “One of our goals is to make this a year-round destination,” said Kelsy Christensen, who arrived at Vidanta as a golf pro and now is the company’s managing partner. “Building the park will help us do that.” The park will be Cirque du Soleil’s largest in terms of footprint and investment, according to Martin Boudreau, vice president of business development.

Boudreau said the first phase will include a giant waterpark with Cirque du Soleil rides and entertainment platforms for daytime visitors. The nighttime element is what the company calls Village of the Sun, with restaurants, retail, a show that Boudreau described as “an outdoor, immersive amphitheater,” smaller shows throughout the waterpark, and a studio where guests can attempt the acrobatics
for which the company is famous.

“We’ve done all of the components (at other destinations), but this is the first time we’ve put them all at the same location,” Boudreau said.

The second phase, which probably will open by 2021, will be much bigger, he said, and will be called Village of the Moon.

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