JOYA Celebrates 500th Performance!

Today, JOYA celebrates a momentous occasion: it’s 500th performance!


Happy 500th Show!! We want to thank everyone who’s been part of making this dream come true, as well as everyone that has visited us to taste the extraordinary and live magical moments! Without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. Join us to celebrate this special day!


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In celebration, check out this new mini-documentary on the show…

We have been very lucky to collaborate with the Cirque and Vidanta staff since the beginning. We were witness of the creation of the theatre, the customs, also we filmed their first rehearsals and all the hard effort that they have put together for this show. We shot loads of footage for their teasers that are on their social media and website. Though this time they approach to us for create a short documentary that could show the work of the crew on backstage. With that as our story to tell, we developed a narrative, edited the footage, and created astonishing cinematic images to add richness to the world of “JOYÀ”. Showing a glimpse of what does it takes to pull out one of the best shows in Mexico day by day. “Gracias Josef, We really appreciate your work with this video. The camera shots, editing and general feel is great. You captured well the objectives that we put forward. Looking forward to future collaborations,” Joël Bergeron, Show Director.

Client: Cirque du Soleil & Vidanta
Filmed, Directed & Edited by: Josef Rios
Audio & Assistant Production: Paco Latorre
Produced by: Digital Riot