What is C:LAB’s The Glassbox Project?

C:LAB in collaboration with 4U2C presents… THE GLASSBOX PROJECT

The GLASSBOX project was developed to test emergent screen and image technologies for the stage. GLASSBOX is able to combine streaming video and graphics on its external surface, as well as onto objects or performers placed within the box. It was custom-built through an assemblage of transparent LCD screens, programmed light and video projectors as well traditional LCD screens. GLASSBOX expands our toolkit, creating illusionary and immersive performance spaces located at the intersection of screens, performers and magic!

Project Team: Yves Aucoin, Philippe Chiasson, Francis Corbeil, Bernard Fouché, Karl Gaudreau, Arthur Joron, Agnieszka Kubik, Rémi Lapointe, and Stéphane Mongeau.

{ SOURCE: Cirque du Soleil }