KURIOS About… Episode 2: The Big Top

3 tents, 8 masts, 1200 stakes, 2000 tons of equipment, 65 trailers…
It takes, 1 week of marking, followed by 6 days of set-up for KURIOS to be ready to perform.
Get a sneak peak at the logistics of setting up our iconic Blue and Yellow Big Top in every cities we visit.

New episode every 2 weeks.

Follow the cast and crew of KURIOS on tour, and find out what hides in their Cabinet of Curiosities. From the Big Top to Costumes, Make-up, Food and much more, the 12 episodes KURIOS About The Webseries gives fans a behind-the-scenes peek at the Cirque du Soleil’s 35th creation. Explore our universe and reality from the eyes of an insider, see the artists and the staff work with devotion to make the show happen day after day and discover how unique our on tour lifestyle is.

{ SOURCE: YouTube | https://youtu.be/B2mvWykpBFY }