Fascination! Issue #57 (Jan/Feb 2008) Released!

We have a wonderfully packed issue in store for you and can’t wait to share it with you. As always, inside we have all the latest news and sightings posted to Fascination! Web throughout the months of January and February; however, this month we also have some great exclusive-to-issue features, which have not yet been posted or published anywhere!

For those features, Keith Johnson explores the numbers behind Delirium’s 6th place box office ranking (again) for 2007, explaining to us just how it got there. And in an issue-exclusive piece, he dives into «O» and uncovers the secrets of its curtain (and much more!). And Ricky Russo explores the three newly-released documentary DVDs from Cirque du Soleil: “FLOW: A tribute to the Aritsts of ‘O’”, “The Mystery of Mystère” and “A Thrilling Ride through KoozÃ¥”, as well as, telling all about his trip to Monterrey, Mexico for Quidam! And that’s not all! From our Archives we have “From One Dream to Another” a wonderful review of Quidam written by T. Clay Buck and published in our March 2002 issue.

Be sure to check out the Itinerary section for any last-minute changes to tour stops and extensions – especially the new information pertaining to 2008 dark dates for all resident productions!

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