“Introducing the New ZARKANA”

“Introducing the New ZARKANA”
By: Cirque du Soleil Press Materials

On Friday, February 28th, Cirque du Soleil previewed the “new” Zarkana to a public audience, and though a small number of press reviews have been published regarding the changes (namely from the Las Vegas Sun and Las Vegas Review-Journal) that detail some of these changes, the following is how Cirque du Soleil now describes the show on its website and press materials.


Zarkana by Cirque du Soleil is a spirited journey through an abandoned theater where an extraordinary circus comes back to life. Populated by a motley collection of off-the-wall characters and incomparable acrobats, Zarkana is a visual vortex set in a twisted acrobatic fantasy universe where, little by little, chaos and craziness give way to a true celebration. Zarkana is a quintessential Cirque du Soleil spectacular featuring an international cast of 70 world class acrobats, aerialists, jugglers, high wire and trapeze artists set on a grand stage at ARIA Resort & Casino.


Our singer oversees the action perched high above the stage taking on various incarnations from Mandragora to Kundalini, the snake woman, to Tarantula, the spider lady, before finally coming to life as Lia, the beautiful rose woman. She gathers her strength for this transformation through the power of the acts in the show.

The Movers are a collection of eclectic spirits that inhabit the world
of Zarkana, including:

	o) The Mad Scientist, assisted by his apprentice, is dedicated 
	   to outlandish experiments. His pickle jar traps Sleepy Clown, 
	   his cannon sends Pocus on a flight to another planet. And 
	   then there’s his quantum machine...

	o) TI-BOSS, a veritable "clown tamer,” cracks her whip, keeping 
	   our mischievous clowns in line.

	o) The Ballerina commands the respect she deserved from her 
	   career in days long past although her dancing talents have 
	   waned causing our bitter ballerina to stir up some trouble.

	o) The Convict is a chameleon, melding and disappearing into the 
	   set. Always in a state of panic, feeling pursued and afraid 
	   of being captured, he keeps his distance.


Opening — After a hiatus of many years, clowns Hocus and Pocus, emerge in an abandoned theater to awaken the Movers, white-clad spirits of the theater. Hocus and Pocus lead the reunion together with the Movers, bringing to life an extraordinary circus. Hocus and Pocus bungle their way through an eye-popping acrobatic extravaganza of high energy acts reminiscent of the golden age of circus and side shows.

Juggling — Making a surprise entrance from a prop box, our juggler is assisted by a host of Movers, entertaining with skills that defy gravity and space as balls dance rhythmically under and over long-forgotten props and set pieces.

Ladder Duo — Our ladder duo exhibits a mastery of balance while climbing higher and higher to reach Sleepy Clown, who is trapped in the theater rafters more than 30’ above the stage.

Aerial Straps — Emerging from the depths of the theater, identical twin brothers attach themselves to straps and fly high into the air and over the seats of the theater, immersing the audience in the beauty of their movements. Accompanied by the captivating melody of Mandragora, their graceful maneuvers leave one and all breathless with their aerial prowess and ethereal fluidity.

Flags — Our flag artists trigger a rhythmic, almost hypnotic energy as they manipulate oversized, vibrantly colored flags, filling the stage to the beat of approaching drums.

Russian Bar — In a joyous reunion reminiscent of a day at the park, our Movers enchant with childlike enthusiasm as they take part in a celebration of our Russian Bar artists – one who is launched high above the narrow and flexible bar doing twists and multiple somersaults before landing expertly back on the bar with the aid of her powerful porters.

High Wire — Under the spell of Kundalini, the snake lady, and accompanied by a chorus of lithe fire breathers, our high wire artists exude amazing balance, control and precision as they speed across their wire performing jaw-dropping stunts – all while avoiding the ball of fire that taunts them.

Cyr Wheels and Cerceaux — Chasing Pocus into a strange world seemingly on a planet far from home, the extraterrestrial Jovians perform outlandish stunts on giant wheels, while others fly through the air twisting through suspended aerial hoops creating a dizzying tableau which reflects the kookiness of this foreign land.

Sand Painting — The Oracle, an accomplished visual artist, interprets and summarizes the events that have been uncovered and those still to come as she creates temporary masterpieces made of sand.

Flying Trapeze — Caught in the web and under the spell of Tarantula, the spider lady, flying acrobats crisscross high above the stage with meticulous timing as they are launched off platforms and bars, creating an effect of visual symmetry and tight choreography.

Wheel of Death — Testing the quantum machine, an experiment led by the Mad Scientist, leads to the unveiling of an outlandish dual caged apparatus with two artists who leap into place resulting in an act of high speed and daring movements, powered by pure physical strength.

Hand Balancing — Illustrating a moment of quiet poetry and refined grace, complemented by an enchanting and haunting score, a solo artist takes center stage effortlessly balancing his weight with the fluidity of ballet and the strength of an athlete.

Banquine — Human pyramids engulf the stage in an act of amazing power and agility. As our group of acrobats defies gravity and space, they race across the stage with precise movements and playful choreography. Using only their bodies to suspend and propel each other, the acrobats astonish with their strength.