CirqueClub /// Saltimbanco-The Journey, Part 3: In Images

Cirque selected for you 5 images from our treasure trove that mark the impressive journey of Saltimbanco.

1. Montreal posters 1992
The first Saltimbanco poster was displayed in the big top at the Old Port of Montreal in 1992.

2. The seat
The seat that is seen at the start and end of the production symbolizes the invitation to the spectator. As a symbol of hope and the desire for a better world for future generations, the Child King takes this place.

3. The Baron’s cape and hat
The Baron is one the emblematic characters of Saltimbanco.

4. The masks of the masked worms
As symbols of conformity, the masked worms remain hidden behind their masks. They are anonymous beings incapable of accepting or affirming their individuality.

5. The Baroques’ costumes
Independent and eccentric, the Baroques live and affirm their individuality. They are a shining symbol of the fusion of cultures in big cities.

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{ SOURCE: Cirque Club }