DidyaKnow — “The Poem of Joe”

DidYouKnow that besides early photo shots and music queues of Quidam’s many acts, the enhanced interactive features on Quidam’s CD encompasses “hidden” gems such as “the Poem of Zoë” and “The Poem of Joe?”

Yes! Buried within the 256-color realm of Quidam’s enhanced interactive CD program are two recited poems, which give us a few minor details of Zoë’s state of mind and how the world we see is created around her. One encapsulates the world as she sees it and becomes the basis for the imagined realm of Quidam in which we see (we explored this last time in DidyaKnow.) The other is a poem to “Joe” (which we’ll explore in more detail this round) that describes the physical stage on which Quidam will be performed.

I would like to thank fan G.M. Grena from Redondo Beach, California for the inspiration for this week’s column. It came thanks in part to a comment made to our feature review of the Quidam in Seoul website.

The Poem of Joe
Written by: Loch Ness / Read by: Loch Ness

Look at this, Joe, now that’s what I call a stage:
a gleaming stage, a beaming stage, a spinning stage,
29,000 beautiful square feet of bright aluminum,
color-coated with thousand [sic] pounds of liquid urethane.
The stage is set; the set is staged: the world of Quidam.
And that’s you, Joe; that’s me. We are Quidams!
They built an arch across the universe.
Built & bent 120 feet of shining steel, across the skies of the big top,
big & bold in our sunset strip, 35 feet up in the air. What d’ ya say, Joe?
We can zoom up an armada of 10 computer-guided trolleys along those giant tracks.
Hang in there, Joe! Standing up or upside-down like bats,
we can swing & twirl in space & never lose face.
It’s our golden gate to glory, Joe!
Some day you’ll understand.
Some day you’ll know just where you stand.
You’ll see. This is your odyssey.
One day, Joe, you’ll be a great Quidam!

{ Source: Cirque du Soleil, GM Grena }