DidyaKnow? – The Poem of Zoë

DidYouKnow that besides early photo shots and music queues of Quidam’s many acts, the enhanced interactive features on Quidam’s CD encompasses “hidden” gems such as “the Poem of Zoë” and “The Poem to Joe?”

Yes! Buried within the 256-color realm of Quidam’s enhanced interactive CD program are two recited poems, which give us a few minor details of Zoë’s state of mind and how the world we see is created around her. One encapsulates the world as she sees it and becomes the basis for the imagined realm of Quidam in which we see. The other is a poem to “Joe” (which we’ll explore another time) that describes the physical stage on which Quidam will be performed.

I would like to thank fan G.M. Grena from Redondo Beach, California for the inspiration for this week’s column. It came thanks in part to a comment made to our feature review of the Quidam in Seoul website.

The Poem of Zoë
Written by: Loch Ness / Read by: Liz MacRae

When Mommy & Daddy don’t listen to me,
I can suspend them for a minute, or 2, or 3
Cuz after all, I’m busy too,
I’ve got a million things to do.
All my Quidams are on the go,
Ready to move & give a show.
Like there’s Johnny & my friend, Karl,
When they grumble, never snarl,
If I don’t tell them very soon,
Which one I’ll take on my honeymoon.
So I consult my shamanitas in blue,
They tell me Johnny’s a giant too big for me,
And one day he might be untrue.
Now Karl is a sweet, but frantic romantic,
He’ll fly with ease from the highest trapeze,
to prove his love, for a turtledove.
The truth is, I’m not quite ready for Karl or John,
This is no time for me to marry,
When the world is in such a terrible mess.
S.O.S. to every Quidam!
To Mommy & Dad & all my friends,
Like Funny Bunny, who’s a genius in ecology,
lovey-dovey & astrology.
Where’s my Robin Hood with stripes forever,
So we can get our act together?
When Quidams go marching in,
rump-pa-ba-bump with a jolly din,
You’ll wanna be in that number,
Out of the deep, mysterious slumber.
And far from human astronauts,
You shall become true argonauts,
Kiddy-Quidams, & beautiful forget-me-nots!

{Source: Cirque du Soleil, GM Grena