CirqueClub /// Costumes and Make-up Videos Just in Time for Halloween!

Right on time for Halloween! Have a look at our video library dedicated entirely to make-up, masks and costumes.

You might get inspired to give your Halloween costumes a touch of circus style!

1. Amaluna Costume
Amaluna costume designer Mérédith Caron has created complex
multidimensional costumes evoking a world of day and night.

2. TOTEM Costumes
Kym Barrett, Costume designer for TOTEM, talks about her

3. Inside Alegría Make-up
Meet Natalie Gagné, Make-up Designer, and Elodie Dufau, Power
Track Character. Hear them describe the make-up process
artists go through for every show.

4. Head of wardrobe for KOOZA
Meredith Tomkovitch, Head of wardrobe for KOOZA, talks about
the art of mask-making.

5. Head of wardrobe for Corteo
Julie de Carufel, Head of wardrobe for Corteo, talks about
the role of the wardrobe team on tour.

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