CirqueClub /// The Saltimbanco Journey – Part 1

The travelling performers’ story

Charged with highly contagious energy, Saltimbanco was a pioneering production and has served as a true ambassador forCirque du Soleil.

Since 1992, Saltimbanco has visited 205 cities across 41 countries. The only show to have spanned five continents, it was performed in more than 150 cities that hadn’t previously played host to a Cirque du Soleil show. Having now toured for 20 years, Saltimbanco has been seen by 14 million spectators.

An imaginary city where diversity is combined with hope

Saltimbanco is an emblematic Cirque du Soleil production inspired by urban life and the diversity found in big cities. Cities are not only a network of relationships, but also a network of paradoxes. The production portrays these various paradoxes through its characters, acts and costumes.

By adopting a much more optimistic vision than the one seen at the time of its creation, Saltimbanco aims to steer away from sombreness and disenchantment and focus on light and hope.

« Saltimbanco is a colourful celebration in which we can break the rules, stick our tongue out at someone or blow a kiss to a stranger. » – Carolyne Vita, Artist

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