CirqueClub /// Kooza Costume Sketches

KOOZA is already 5 years old! This colorful production, inspired by everything from the painter Klimt to children’s book illustrations and graphic novels, reunites two circus traditions: acrobatic performance and the art of clowning. To pay tribute to the exotic and vibrant costumes created by Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt, we’re opening the archive coffers and offer a look on the original costume drawings and the costumes that still perform today.

Fun KOOZA Facts

  • There are more than 175 costumes and 160 hats in KOOZA — 1,080 items in all, including all the shoes, props, wigs and so on.
  • The Skeleton costumes were also designed to be used as percussion instruments in the show. Made out of molded carbon, they look and sound like bones when the performers hit them against each other to create a musical rhythm.
  • The “Rat Cape” is a costume that creates the illusion that rats are running down a performer’s body before disappearing into a trap. It is made up of 150 fake-fur rats with crystal eyes to catch the light.
  • The cast and crew of KOOZA is an international one, representing 22 nationalities: Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Hungary, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Rumania, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, United States and United Kingdom.

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{ SOURCE: CirqueClub }