Cirque’s Newest Civics Lesson

We’ve previously detailed a proposal for a Cirque-created show to be housed in a revamped Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami’s South Beach. (A new Performing Arts Theater is opening, taking all the clients the Gleason used to handle. How to fill the space? Maybe a Cirque show!)

But politics might be getting in the way. Local officials are suggesting there may be a referendum (public vote) on whether to spend the $85 million in public dollars needed to renovate the theater to Cirque’s requirements. Resistance is also coming from nightclub owners are concerned about plans to include a restaurant and nightclub in the redesign.

Project advocates suggest Cirque sees a referendum as a “deal killer,” preferring to do the deal without it. But time will tell. For more info, a good article is at the following link:

{Source: Miami}