DidyaKnow? – Alegría Costume

For this edition of DidyaKnow we’ve rummaged through Fascination’s archives to pull together a few interesting tidbits about Alegría’s costuming:

  • More than 90 costumes and numerous headpieces, masks, shoes and garments were created in the initial production.
  • Designer Dominique Lemieux led a team of more than 80 people to construct the intricate and baroque costumes for Alegría.
  • Each costume went through at least 10 drafts before the final draft.
  • Alegría travels with more than 200 costumes, 300 pairs of shoes, 100 wigs and 22 Old Birds masks.
  • Fabrics used come from all over the world and include silk jersey, Lycra moleskin, Lycra miliskin, metallic and nylon thread lace, natural silk and leather.
  • Approximately 500 balls of knitting yarn, 1,094 yards of braid, 1,586 yards of lace, 22 pounds of glitter and 2,515 yards of silk jersey are used for the production of the costumes.
  • 1,000 buttons, jewels and pearls and jewels are used for the two singers’ costumes alone!
  • Each “Old Bird” Mask is custom-made and worth about $10,000 CDN.
  • Alegría travels with its own Laundromat: 4 Maytag commercial washers and dryers.
  • ERA detergent was reported to be used to wash the costumes.
  • $1 Million is spent each year in maintaining Alegria’s costumes.