CirqueTech – Illuminating «O», Part II

In 1999, LiveDesign Media took a “plunge” into the underwater world of Cirque du Soleil’s «O», and in the process uncovered a great many secrets about how this technical marvel functioned. In this installment of CirqueTech, we’re going to take a look at some of the material LiveDesign published; specifically, the equipment used to help illuminate the show night after night.

Illuminating «O», Part 2 of 2:

(6) Strand Beamlite 1000s
(18) Altman Nine Lights
(92) Uni-Parclear PAR-64s
(30) Clay Paky Stage Scans
(42) High End Systems Studio Color(R) automated wash luminaires
(44) Robert Juliat 2,500W HMI D’Artagnans
(2) Strand SuperNova 40/25 4kW HMI fresnels
(4) Robert Juliat Heloise short-throw 2,500W HMI followspots
(4) Robert Juliat Aramis long-throw 2,500W HMI followspots
(2) Pani1kW parabolic followspots
(12) Wildfire UV 401fs with douser
(24) High End Systems Dataflash(R) AF1000 strobe units
(100) GAM Products Star Strobes

(8) Altman outdoor UV units 1120′ Tokistar 7.5W stringlights
(12) Remote Source Lighting fiber-optic projectors
(99) Wybron Coloram 7″ scrollers
(60) Wybron Coloram 10″ scrollers
(3) Wybron Coloram large-format scrollers
(33) Wybron Aquaram 7″ scrollers
(24) GAM Products Twin Spins
(108) Hydrel 1kW pool fixtures
(24) Hydrel 75W 12V MR-16s
(192) Altman PAR-64s
(141) Altman 6′ three-circuit ZipStrips
(14) Altman 3′ three-circuit ZipStrips
(32) ETC Source Fours 50-degree
(32) Wybron Coloram scrollers

{ SOURCE: “The Wizardry of O: Cirque du Soleil Takes the Plunge Into an Underwater World” – Feb 1, 1999 12:00 PM, Ellen Lampert-Greaux – LiveDesign Media }