CirqueTech – Illuminating «O», Part I

In 1999, LiveDesign Media took a “plunge” into the underwater world of Cirque du Soleil’s «O», and in the process uncovered a great many secrets about how this technical marvel functioned. In this installment of CirqueTech, we’re going to take a look at some of the material LiveDesign published; specifically, the equipment used to help illuminate the show night after night.

Illuminating «O», Part 1 of 2:

(2) Strand 550 lighting consoles
(3) Strand 520 consoles
(2) Flying Pig Systems Wholehog IIs
(1) Dell dimmer feedback PC
(1) Dell WYSIWYG system complete with PC
(1) Dell DMX patching computer
(1) Gray Interfaces Pathfinder DMX Router
(1) Strand SN 100 ethernet distribution
(2) Strand SN 104 ethernet distributions
(15) Strand 96-space dimmer racks
(6) Strand 48-space GFCI dimmer racks

(1) Strand 12-pack CD-80
(3) Strand Outlook stations
(350) Altman PAR-64s
(50) Altman 200W PAR-46s
(40) Altman outdoor PAR-64s
(12) Altman PAR-64 ACL bars, four 60″ units per bar
(350) ETC Source Fours–50, 36, 26, & 19-degree
(75) ETC 5-degree Source Fours
(75) ETC 10-degree Source Fours
(24) ETC Source Four jrs.
(50) ETC Source Four PARs
(24) Altman single-cell Far Cycs

{ SOURCE: “The Wizardry of O: Cirque du Soleil Takes the Plunge Into an Underwater World” – Feb 1, 1999 12:00 PM, Ellen Lampert-Greaux – LiveDesign Media }