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The Creative Process Behind the Amazones of Amaluna
Tuesday, June 19, 2012
With Amaluna, Cirque du Soleil will present an act inspired by the uneven bars for the very first time. And we wanted to fill you in on how an acrobatic act comes to life.

Initial inspiration: For Amaluna, Director Diane Paulus wanted to include a fierce and hard-core group act featuring only women.

Stroke of genius: Rob Bollinger, the Acrobatic Performance Designer, found inspiration in the uneven bars — a gymnastics discipline. His idea was to combine two sets of bars to create a multidimensional acrobatic structure.

Creation: After eight months of work, Rob Bollinger and Fred Gérard, Acrobatic Equipment and Rigging Designer, reinvented the acrobatic equipment, creating three triangles—two giant ones and a smaller one placed upside down. The triangles evoke the concept of balance while the curves of the bars represent feminity, movement and dynamism.

Acrobatic vocabulary: The first triangle is positioned very close to the triangle in the centre. The result: we will play with a vocabulary that has been underused over the past few years, and which is largely inspired by Nadia Comaneci’s performances in the 1970s. The second triangle, positioned further away, allows acrobats to perform high-level moves.

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