CirqueClub /// Three Cirquesters Attempt to Break Guinness Record on Good Morning America

On May 7, 2012, three Cirque du Soleil artists set out to break Guinness World Records live on Good Morning America!

Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour aerial strap artist, Igor Zaripov, set the record for longest time to hang suspended in the air by his teeth with a time of 2:32 min!

The Beatles LOVE head spinner, Youssef El Toufali, attempted to break the record for most head spins in 1 minute and though he did not break the record (he needed 135) he made three great efforts, coming very close, with about 120 spins.

Viva ELVIS stilt walker, Rokardy Rodriguez, attempted to break his own record of walking 50 meters on hand stilts in under 90 seconds. He did not break the record, but again gave it his all on a very difficult path!
Congratulations all! See the pictures of their performances at CirqueClub!

Read the origial post (with pictures) here!.

{ SOURCE: CirqueClub }