CirqueClub /// “What’s coming up for our shows in 2012”

Discover a milestone for each of our 21 shows:

Will be visiting three new cities during one leg of its tour in August — Tel Aviv in Israel, Athens in Greece and Ankara in Turkey.

In “The Climb” act, there are 80 “arrows” thrown by the Archers and Spearmen that appear to strike the surface of the Sand Cliff. When you do the math, it means that there will be 38,000 arrows in this act in 2012—a fact that would probably make Robin Hood a huge Cirque fan.

KOOZA will celebrate its fifth birthday in April. The show will end its tour of Japan under the Fujidome in Fukuoka to return to North America under the Big Top in June.

In September, LOVE will be performed for a 3,000th time since its opening. Up to now, this show has played about 4,500 hours of Beatles’ songs.

In November, Mystère will be celebrating its 9,000th performance—a figure that currently makes this production one of the longest-running shows in Las Vegas.

Quidam will be the third show to visit Hawaii (after Saltimbanco in 2008 and Alegría in 2010).

April 23, 2012, will mark the twentieth anniversary of Saltimbanco. As it stands, Saltimbanco has visited over 150 cities throughout the world and has given over 5,700 performances, more than 1,300 of which have taken place in arenas.

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