DidyaKnow? – Saltimbanco Facts, Part III: The Final Call

On December 11, 2006, the curtain fell once again on Saltimbanco, Cirque du Soleil’s 1992 production celebrating life. Created as an antidote to the violence and despair typical of the 20th century, this phantasmagorical show proposes a new vision of urbanity, overflowing with optimism and happiness. To mark this point in time, Fascination presents the following facts from the Cirque archives in three parts – Part 1: The Kitchen, Part 2: The Village on Wheels, and Part 3: The Final Call.

Part III: The Final Call

Did you know that…

  • Saltimbanco is an old Italian word for street artist?
  • Saltimbanco is Cirque du Soleil’s longest running show? The show has been on the road since 1992!
  • Saltimbanco was directed by the Italian Franco Dragone?
  • Saltimbanco has been enjoyed by over 7 million people worldwide?
  • The international cast of Saltimbanco totals 50 artists, aged from 9 to 51 years old, and from 15 different countries: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Hungary, France, Mongolia, Netherlands, The Ukraine, United Kingdom, Poland, Romania, Russia, and USA?
  • All together 125 people from 22 different nationalities are currently on the road with the European tour of Saltimbanco, including a team that takes care of their travel and lodging arrangements?
  • Cirque du Soleil employs 125 local people as temporary staff in each city?
  • The bell that opens the Saltimbanco show weighs 100 kilos?
  • 60 liters of paint were used to cover the colourful stage of Saltimbanco?
  • A great variety of fabrics and materials was used for the 600 Saltimbanco costumes among which, lycra, cotton, silk, polyester, velvet, leather and moleskin?
  • Saltimbanco includes 110 head pieces and 150 pairs of shoes?
  • On average the artists need one to two hours to do their own make-up?
  • Saltimbanco has hosted many celebrities including, Boris Becker, Bryan Adams, The Supremes & The Temptations, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Roman Polanski, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Depeche Mode?

{ Source: Cirque du Soleil Press Room }